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We hired a company to move our household goods and put them in storage for a temporary time. We had our stuff stored in the back of a truck for a month!!! We were charged for loading and unloading into storage which never happened. When we called the mover to deliver our stuff to our new home. He wanted more money to deliver. On his contract stated one price and we were in agreement with that. Eventually, we had to have the police involved to get our stuff. We also removed our belongings from his premises because we were not going to pay outrageous amount for delivery. We found out afterwards from various people that this guy is an extortionist, slanderer, you name it. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company named in this incident is - Right Move Corporation. If you have to move anywhere in Alberta do not use this guy and beware of other movers in this class.

1. Always get an estimate of the costs inclusive all storage charges, upfront fees (there should not be any at all)

2. Better Business Bureaus do not give accurate testimonials about anybody. Ask for references, and other people that he/she has done work for. (It is well worth the investigation)

3. If you have any problems with the contract or issues contact your local police department and get their advice on the matter.

4. Never pay in advance, until the job is done. Even though, they say they have insurance. Check the insurance company's policies for any damages or claims. (It could take upto 2 years before a settlement is done.)

Thank you for allowing me to express this complaint. I don't want to see others get trapped into a hassle such as dealing with a person like this. It pays to read the fine print.

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